Jul. 18th, 2014

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First I was going to retire last Christmas. Then it was after Upton Folk Festival (May Day bank holiday). Then it was in time for Sidmouth. Then it was the end of October.

Now I have grasped the nettle and put in for my retirement - last day at work will be 22 August. As I only work three days a week, have next Thursday off and will be at Sidmouth for best part of two weeks, this means a total of 8 working days between now and then.

I started to wonder whether I had made the right decision when I found myself doing something I really love yesterday (long translation), but a) I lost half yesterday afternoon to computer problems and b) lost all of this afternoon, three hours of it waiting for IT to call me back. If they don't get me sorted soon, it will be a question of whether it is worth it; when they send me new equipment (looks like the router is kaput) it takes so long that it's likely to turn up when I've got about 5 working days left.

It's probably about time. I had an eye test on Wednesday. Mostly all is well, but downer: "Slight signs of cataract." Further downer: "It is usual when ageing." On the other hand, earlier the optician had said, "I can't believe you're 67; you look as if you're nearer 50." He also told me the chief cause of cataracts is ultraviolet light so I should get reaction lenses. I said I'd been wearing them for 7 or 8 years, which he said had probably slowed things down. So on the whole I'm happy about it; but I don't want to work myself into the grave, and the stress at work is on line to contribute to that.

8 more working days and I am FREE!


sollers: me in morris kit (Default)

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