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Or steam room probably.

I've had three days of total relaxation (no papers, no TV, no radio, no internet, not even any mobile coverage) on top of a hill on the Lleyn peninsula, bracketed by two horrific days of driving.

On the way, the bus suddenly decided to go slow. I wondered about the clutch going but I've had clutches go in the past and it didn't feel like that. More to the point, after stalling (after about an hour of this) it started behaving again. Before that happened, though, someone cutting in in front of me on a bit with stripey white lines bollixed up my driver's side wing mirror.

Then about 10 miles before my destination, a fatal accident up ahead blocked the road both ways so I had to turn round and detour. In so doing I clouted a post with the other wing mirror and bollixed that one up. By this time I was extremely tired and once I reached my destination wasn't good for anything but putting up the recliner in the shade and opening a beer. Half way through the beer it struck me that if I hadn't been slowed down so much I might have been part of the accident, and given the size of the bus, possibly made everything even worse.

Coming home, having spent time on the wing mirrors with gaffer tape, all went well till past Chester, when I got the go-slow again. I found myself crawling up a hill at about 30 mph, which attracted the attention of the fuzz. We discussed the situation, looked at the road atlas, agreed that going off onto A roads wasn't really a viable option, so he suggested I give it a try and if I went down that low again, then go off. I managed to average 40 mph from then on; on the last leg of the journey stalled at the lights... and went back to normal. Memo to self: if it happens again, try stalling deliberately.

Somewhat shattered at the moment after stressful journey and getting all vulnerable stuff into the house or under cover. More on the good bits next time.
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