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I no longer work. I have indeed retired. Yesterday, for the last time, I went upstairs at 8:30 to do battle with the work computer system. For the last time I grappled with illegible handwriting. For the last time I went through all the time-consuming procedures that could take longer than the actual piece of work. For the last time I took my dogs for their walk at the one time I could do it rather than when the weather etc were most suitable. For the last time I had to get them indoors after letting them out during a coffee break so that I could lock the back door prior to going upstairs. Done. Over.

I felt very peculiar yesterday - I got butterflies in my stomach in the middle of the day, so bad that I couldn't eat lunch. So the day before yesterday was the last time when I had to cook a quick lunch in order to fit everything in, just as it was the last time when I had to get on with cooking dinner after finishing work at 7 (I went round to miapatrick last night; homemade burgers that were a total delight with homemade rolls). That is definitely something I won't miss; I've been preparing meals in advance for the days I worked, and all I'll say about that is that last week I got very, very bored with spag bol.

I'm not starting the full new routine till Tuesday - today I have to sort out the computer equipment to be collected on Tuesday morning, tomorrow I'm going in to Manchester for the Gay Pride parade, and there's a strong likelihood I'll be doing something interesting on Bank Holiday Monday, though the weather doesn't look very promising. But once the front bedroom has stopped being my office and become full time music room/studio, I shall be up and running. Apart from instrument practice, writing and painting, I have a project in mind: scanning in family photographs and putting them safely into albums etc. Investigation into family history is indicated.

The other thing I'm doing today is just plain unwinding. When I started working for the predecessor firm at the start of the century, the assumption was that I would retire at 60, so I've nearly 8 years of catching up to do. All else apart, I've got a lot of DVDs that I want to watch.
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