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[personal profile] sollers least that's what it feels like.

It's over a year since I last posted, for a number of reasons.

First, my laptop was playing silly buggers and though I could comment using my iPad, for some reason I couldn't post.

Then life got busy. Basically, during 2015 I moved to a different country in the UK. It's less than a hundred miles but the differences are quite striking. The move took a lot of journeys, and fitting as much as possible of a quart into a pint pot.

There was also sadness: in the spring, my Jack Russell Toby died. We don't actually know how old he was, but he seemed old. As we are not going to move from the present house, he is buried in the garden, as is M and K's Sadie, who died shortly after, and also a friend's dog.

The there was Sidmouth, which kept me well occupied, and when I got back I became involved with the local museum, University of the Third Age (art and choir) and intensive Welsh lessons. That last has gone so well that after less than 5 months I'm going to conversation groups.

The final complication was that at the end of November I broke my right humerus just below the head. It's healing well, and mobility is coming back quickly, but I'm still having trouble sleeping, and it's really only this week that I have been able to type properly.

This has just been a quick update; now that I'm back in action, subsequent posts are likely to be more long-wind... er... detailed.

ETA thanks to all for their good wishes!
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