Sep. 8th, 2014

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Last winter I discovered that War Horse was coming to the Lowry. To my great disappointment I wasn't able to organise tickets. The disappointment continued for a few months, until I discovered that it had been so popular that the Lowry was putting it on again, after a startlingly short time, for a further run this summer. I moved fast this time, and got tickets.

I thought getting there was going to be easy: get on the Metrolink, go straight through to Salford then one stop up the branch line to MediaCity.

Unfortunately, there were Works going on. So on getting to our stop, I discovered we would have to go in to central Manchester, change to another line for a few stops then take a replacement bus. No way would that get us there in time, so we went into central Manchester and took a cab.

It was worth it. The production was staggering, and I kept on forgetting that the horses were not real. I greatly enjoyed the use of folk songs, most of which I knew - though the one I kept on humming when I came out wasn't one of them: "Home, Boys, Home" which is very much to the point. I have to say I'm glad I found out that my grandfather was involved with railways rather than horses.

An excellent experience. I've got the book on my Kindle but it will take some effort to read it. Under no circumstances am I going to watch the film.

ETA A disconcerting thing happened this morning. I was sorting papers and came across what must have been my grandfather's last letter to my grandmother, in January 1919. By the end of the month he was dead of the Spanish Flu. I haven't read it yet.


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